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2017-01-07 11:07 pm
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peko peko

Okayyy, I have katakana down! Super slow at reading it still (of course), but I finally managed! I'm glad I gave myself a few days to learn 10 at a time. I definitely should have done that with hiragana lol, but no matter!

And now I will learn 10 new words. First up is すく and its forms:

Today will be a group of random words, but I think tomorrow I'll try to learn a group of words that can somehow relate to eachother. I'll be sure to include words which are of foreign origin every day so I can keep up with my katakana!
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2017-01-06 04:56 pm
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Just got home from a quick shop channel gig, and I've gotta say... these glasses had me feeling kana ready.

I'm working on memorizing the last katakana syllabaries right now. I feel like such a kid again, learning how to read. I find that I can't help but try to read every kana I encounter while roaming around Tokyo. I'm having way more fun with katakana than I did with hiragana, I have to admit. Since so many words written in katakana are imported, I already know so many of them! ピザ is my favourite one I've deciphered so far (ピザまんはおいしかった btw!)

I'm really looking forward to moving on to extending my vocabulary. As I mentioned in my last post, my goal for each week is to know at least 50 new words, including all of their tense forms.

Until next time!
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2017-01-05 12:43 pm
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I've been trying very hard to learn Japanese lately. I think I'm getting the hang of it. Though still slow at it, I can read hiragana, and I've moved onto katakana already. Katakana is much more difficult than hiragana. It's more... mathematical, aesthetically speaking. Hiragana is curvaceous and pretty, which somehow makes it more fun to learn. Fascinating how that works...

Right now, I'm trying to expand my vocabulary. My goal for next week is to know at least 50 new verbs and different ways to say them depending on the context (past tense forms, for example).

I've decided that, instead of focusing on the end goal (to speak fluently, of course), I'm gonna make small goals each week, and the main goal will eventually come. Less rush placed on myself.

Heeere goes.