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I've been trying very hard to learn Japanese lately. I think I'm getting the hang of it. Though still slow at it, I can read hiragana, and I've moved onto katakana already. Katakana is much more difficult than hiragana. It's more... mathematical, aesthetically speaking. Hiragana is curvaceous and pretty, which somehow makes it more fun to learn. Fascinating how that works...

Right now, I'm trying to expand my vocabulary. My goal for next week is to know at least 50 new verbs and different ways to say them depending on the context (past tense forms, for example).

I've decided that, instead of focusing on the end goal (to speak fluently, of course), I'm gonna make small goals each week, and the main goal will eventually come. Less rush placed on myself.

Heeere goes.
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[personal profile] lusentoj 2017-04-23 08:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Ohh, you're just starting!! I'm in my third semester at Uni.

Japanese can be learnt really fast, and it's way easier than people say. You just need good lessons that explain WHY you're saying what you're saying (what the words / grammar actually mean, because most of them are compounds).

I'm not a Japanese master (yet ;D) but if you get stuck or something, you can ask me!!