04 February 2017 @ 10:41 pm
I may have a wild imagination  
I'm crazy about a very specific crossover fantasy...

The main worlds in the first generation Spyro the Dragon games are what make up the universe of the Final Fantasy games, where each world (Spira, Ivalice, etc.) is inside of a portal that takes place in a 'main world' (one like Avalar, for example) that hasn't been seen in any of the games themselves. And within that main world, something goes wrong with the dragon magic, and the main party of Final Fantasy XII is forced into the Spira portal, where Sin has returned (like in that awful Final Fantasy X -Will- audio drama) - which is also related to the dragon magic fail problem.

Then Yuna and Ashelia - two leaders in their own rights, go full on badass, with Yuna even ditching the White Mage persona for a Dark Knight one, and shit goes down.
07 January 2017 @ 11:07 pm
peko peko  
Okayyy, I have katakana down! Super slow at reading it still (of course), but I finally managed! I'm glad I gave myself a few days to learn 10 at a time. I definitely should have done that with hiragana lol, but no matter!

And now I will learn 10 new words. First up is すく and its forms:

Today will be a group of random words, but I think tomorrow I'll try to learn a group of words that can somehow relate to eachother. I'll be sure to include words which are of foreign origin every day so I can keep up with my katakana!
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